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Holistic and Trauma-Informed

My mission is not just about empowering individuals to reach for their dreams, it's about aiding in the cultivation of a harmonious existence. By creating a sacred space, I approach every aspect of our journey together through a trauma-informed lens, recognizing the importance of a safe and supportive environment for healing and self-discovery.

a transformative 1:1 Soul Purpose astrology Reading session 

With Lilith and Aquarius in my first house, my astrological configuration enhances my ability to guide you through unconventional and transformative processes. It allows me to assist in shadow work for people that suppress their individual expression to fit the norm. 

Empowerment through Uniqueness

As a “Projector” in Human Design, I understand the intricate energy dynamics at play. My guidance is tailored to your specific energetic blueprint, empowering you to shine your unique light and navigate the world as the beautifully complex being you are.



Astrological Insights


step into your soul purpose

We are all born with gifts. 

We all need a little help. A guide to offer us some clues along our path as we remember what our souls already know. 

Embark on a deeply transformative soul journey through my human design and astrology reading, where I unveil the cosmic melodies of your soul's purpose while delving into the core of your self-worth and unique journey. This work is a rebellion against conformity, a commitment to living authentically, and it plays a crucial role in fostering a world where individuals are genuinely passionate about their endeavours.

In these readings, I view soul purpose as an invaluable compass, guiding you toward your North Star. By exploring human design and celestial influences, I unravel the unique patterns and energies imprinted in your being. .

The soul purpose reading, enriched by the teachings of Chiron and Lilith, becomes a transformative odyssey—a roadmap not only to the North Star but also to the uncharted territories of your soul.

Say yes to a journey of self-love and purposeful living, 

meet meghan

AS A soul purpose Astrologer and Spiritual Guide, I COMBINE my work as an Artist and my natural Intuitive gifts together TO CREATE AN offering like no other. 

I'm a Projector in Human Design,  which means my ability to see into your field and mirror back whats needs to be seen by you is a gift. My virgo moon allows me to be super detail oriented and care about doing my very best. My readings are super thorough! I see myself as a unique individual and by recognizing and celebrating my uniqueness I believe that gives me the ability to nurture what is unique and powerful in you. 

what my readings offer

what you receive:

A recording of your reading to revisit and look back on for years to come.

A visual PDF of your astrological natal chart and Human Design chart.

A customized Canva photo document of visual representations of your archetypal energies, symbols, elemental medicine, and soul gifts.

Reflective journal prompts file to help you review key points from the session 

Option to add on a customized piece of jewellery or art piece, fine tailored to capture the energy of your reading, as a VIP package

An in-depth 2 hour transformative reading via Zoom

I really enjoyed my reading with Meghan.

She took her time to dive into a lengthy conversation about my Human Design and my Astro chart and gave me new perspectives and insights into my life and soul path. I appreciate her down-to-earth and heart-centered approach and our conversations flowed with ease and humour. It was a lovely and enriching experience. I highly recommend!” 

In a world full of noise, Mystic Megs stands out as a beacon of wisdom.

Their expertise in soul purpose astrology and human design is matched only by their genuine interest in your unique journey. The session felt like a therapeutic conversation, leaving me with profound insights and a clearer sense of purpose. and I enjoyed her comical energy! Thanks Megs .

Working with Meghan was such a permission slip I didn't even realize I needed.

Working with Meghan was such a permission slip I didn't even realize I needed to go after my intuitive hits to move towards studying naturopathic medicine! They didn't just analyze my chart, they took the time to understand my story. The level of care and attention to detail made me feel seen and heard. I now navigate life with a deeper understanding of myself, thanks to their insightful readings." 


weave the threads of your unique essence into the cosmic dance of life.