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I'm Meghan - but you can call me Mystic Megs

Visionary | Feminist Artist | Soul purpose Astrologer | Spiritual Guide

I’m Mystic Megs, and I’m here to help you awaken to the remembrance that you are pure magic!

It is my earthly mission to be a conduit for Spirit, embodying the essence of Soul Sovereignty during these deeply Transformative and Revolutionary times. I strive to serve as a living example of the sacred responsibility we all have in claiming one's divine birthright to show up and be of service in alignment with our souls purpose. 

My transformative journey began at 21, seeking change and healing. Nature's magic initiated me, leading to encounters with sacred plant medicines and ceremonial circles. Discovering women's circles and divine feminine spirituality opened the door to embracing my sexuality and initiating the creation of  Vulva Jewellery I create today. 

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Growing up, I faced the challenge of being a starseed discovering my unique identity, which only  happened later in life, plus navigating life with a partial hearing impairment. I was deeply introverted, bullied for expressing my artistic sensitivity and experienced painful struggles of a challenging home life that left me with C-PTSD. This early journey sculpted my relationship with sadness, depression, and a sense of not belonging as I struggled to find my place in this world..

Through my own initiations and dark nights of the soul, I gained depth, understanding and the ability to embrace my life experiences. In my quest for belonging, I discovered my people within a spiritual community. Vending at these events transcended my showcasing of my art; it became a sacred exchange of energies. All which deeply inspires my soul work today.

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Now I have fully stepped into my purpose and am on my divine soul path.

I strive to be a leading example that it's possible. I am tomorrow's ancestor for future generations to come so how I show up matters. 

Humanity is waking up, and I'm here to inspire, to embody the fullness of my sacred artistry.


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